.NET 3rd party chart evaluation/review

I had a chance to work on chart component (2008). I went through a lot of 3rd party products. I not only researched using their websites but also downloaded the software package, wrote a prototype for each to form opinion about it…
The evaluation took longer than I expect . I think it’s worth it because you don’t want to commit a toolkit and later find out its shortcoming.
I considered both WinForm charts and WPF charts. Eventually, I narrowed down to 4 companies: Dundas, Nevron, Infragistics, SyncFusion… Leave comment if you want to see review of other products such as ComponentOne, DevComponents… I also a comparison spreadsheet. If I found it, I’ll post it.
Here are my first look at those charts:
We decided on WinForm chart because WPF charts currently offering is not mature enough.
Dundas chart wins out as it is very easy to use and has comprehensive feature set.
But later I found out that the feature we need is only available in Enterprise edition. Enterprise edition license is not royalty-free license; making it prohibitively expensive. Management said no.
So we decided on Nevron.
.NET 3rd party chart evaluation/review

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