xbox 360 Jasper

Just a post for what I did over Christmas. I bought a Jasper xbox 360 from Fry’s with Lot 0843X. The Japer wattage is 150W and my prediction was around 145W (see my previous 360 post).
Off only by 5W, not bad prediction 🙂 

It is indeed cooler. There is no dispute about this. I can close the entertainment center door without worrying about overheat! Yeah!

The disappointment was that it was loud if not louder than the old one. This fact baffled and frustrated me as  I waited a long time to buy a new one to  just reduce noise.

Eventually I found out it’s the fan problem. They still used cheap fan in some early Jasper production. I went back to Fry’s and exchange for a lot 0846X jasper. And the problem solved.

xbox 360 Jasper

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