First look at Nevron chart library

Nevron is comprehensive & very powerful. It is the first OpenGL chart via WinForms (so it has potential of WPF chart, which is DirectX-based). In term of feature set, it has everything Dundas has.  

But it  is also complicate & somewhat confusing & harder to use. Documentation is good but not as good as Dundas.

You have to go down several level to reach a  particular property field; while the same property field in Dundas can be accessed in 1 shot. It took me 1 hour to build a cool/fancy template Dundas chart (diagonal gradient background, emboss style, time-based series, title font/style, legend…). And it took me 2 days to the same task in Nevron with the help you Nevron support team!

After the initial learning curve, things get a lot easier.  I was able to do a lot of things with it and found it very powerful, even more powerful than Dundas with cheaper price. I do like it now.

First look at Nevron chart library

One thought on “First look at Nevron chart library

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