A port to Visual Studio 2008

I ported my Graphic Calculator to Visual Studio 2008 today. Technically, things should goes well since there is nothing to it. But there are always problems: 

 That VS2008 restricts for loop inline variable declaration to the loop only broke a lot of my codes. I had to go through all errors and fixed them. Not hard, just tedious.

Another problem is  that somehow Release build config doesn’t work, doesn’t even compile. Here is the error message:

Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Custom Build Step"

I checked the Custom Build Step and Build Events; and make sure that nothing there. Still it doesn’t work. After an hour struggling with it, I gave up; I had to create new Release build config. Finally, I found out that I have a help file .hhp to compile. And the file has its own Custom Build Step! I removed settings there and it worked.

A port to Visual Studio 2008

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