Knowledge sharing thru wiki

It was a call for ideas to improve our department productivity. I evaluated several wiki solution; narrowed down to 2: TWiki and Media Wiki; decided on TWiki.

I installed TWiki server on my computer and wrote a proposal about how wiki can improve our productivity with examples and links to my computer wiki server. Management liked it and gave me their blessings. After that, I worked on some inital useful articles such as compile scripts, how to articles… then started to email everyone about it. Do several meetings to let everyone know; encourage them to write; visit indivials to help them with wiki syntax, tips and tricks…  Test group, tech publication adopted it. And it grew from there.

The most gratifying experience to me in this process is that someone turns around and improves my article. I wrote an article about how to debug sever code. A coworker came by and asked about it. I sent her an email with the link to the article. After awhile, we met and she told me that the article was not complete; she got help from another engineer,  and she updated the article. Yeah!

The key part is building community.

Knowledge sharing thru wiki

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