Passing MCTS Exam 70-536

I’m so happy that I’ve just passed the MCTS 70-536 (Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation) test on the first try with 930 score (700 is  passing score) .

The study was hard for me as there were so many distractions. I had to force myself to bring study material everywhere to remind me to study. I studied while getting oil change, get tire changed, waiting for haircut… It  takes awhile for me to get into study mode. But once I got “in the zone” mode, the study gets a lot easier. I can read more & remember more details…

Here is my approach:

Read the book once to understand concepts.
Take the practice test to find “holes” in your general understanding.
Read the book twice to remember details.
Take the practice test again to find “holes” in your detail understanding .
Write down “details” you missed.
Focus on reading those details.
Take practice test again.

Passing MCTS Exam 70-536

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