NDEF & NFC Tag Type

I have several questions from coworkers related to NDEF & NFC Types. So I wrote a little doc below. Hope it helps everyone.

NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) is a light-weight binary format, used to encapsulate typed data.

It is specified by the NFC Forum, for transmission and storage with NFC, however it is transport agnostic.

NDEF defines messages and records. An NDEF Record contains typed data, such as MIME-type media, a URI, or a custom application payload. An NDEF Message is a container for one or more NDEF Records.

There are currently four NFC Forum standardized tag types that can be formatted to contain NDEF data.

– NFC Forum Type 1 Tag (NFC_FORUM_TYPE_1), such as the Innovision/Broadcom Topaz
– NFC Forum Type 2 Tag (NFC_FORUM_TYPE_2), such as the NXP MIFARE Ultralight, Ultralight C, NTAG203
– NFC Forum Type 3 Tag (NFC_FORUM_TYPE_3), such as Sony Felica
– NFC Forum Type 4 Tag (NFC_FORUM_TYPE_4), such as NXP MIFARE Desfire, NXP SmartMX-JCOP

In addition, Mifare Classic can be formatted to contain NDEF data.

NDEF & NFC Tag Type

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