iOS accessory bug:

After extensive testing, I found a big IOS external accessory bug in iOS 5.x.x – 6.1.2 detailed below.
I submitted the bug to Apple and got confirmation that they are aware of it but they can’t share anymore detail. A fix may be in next version! Standard Apple secret procedure.

EAAccessory object returns no protocol string (even with accessory attached) after iPhone wakes
up from deep sleep
Steps to Reproduce:
– Put iPhone with app into sleep for 3 hours (or overnight) by pressing power button.
– Wake up iPhone using home/power button.
– Print out the protocol string as below:
NSArray *accessories = [[EAAccessoryManager sharedAccessoryManager] connectedAccessories];
for (EAAccessory *eaa in accessories) {
NSLog(@”protocol %@”, eaa.protocolStrings);
– We tried to put in 6s retry timer but it doesn’t help.

iOS accessory bug:

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