How to redeem App Store promo code

I frequently give out promo codes and got a common question: how do I redeem the code?

There are 2 ways to redeem:

1/ Via iTunes on your PC/Mac:
Redeeming iPhone App Store promo codes is easy. Simply click the Redeem link that can be found on the right hand side of the iTunes Store home page in iTunes. Or, you can use this direct link: iTunes Store Redeem

Once you’re on the Redeem page, paste the promo code into the field provided and click Redeem. You may have to enter your password. Your free app should start to download.

2/ Via App Store app on your iPhone:
Open your App Store app, New Featured is usually default view. If it’s not, make sure that bottom tab item is “Featured”, top tab item is “New”.
Scroll down to the very end of the view, you will see Redeem.
Click on it, enter the code then click Redeem.

How to redeem App Store promo code