Graphing Calculator 3.15 update

– Minor toolbar icons & tooltips  enhancement

Graphing Calculator 3.15 update

An managed/unmanaged code interop experience with Windows Mobile

I wanted to write my GUI using C#/.NET WinForms as it is a lot easier than MFC and more portable. But I needed to access some low-level functions packaged in MFC dll. So I needed  to call unmanaged code and I found 2 usefull articles:

Call Unmanaged Code. Part 1 – Simple DLLImport

Call Unmanaged Code Part 2 – Marshal Class

I tried the technique on PC. It works. When I tried it on Windows Mobile 6, it kept showing “Can’t find PInvoke DLL ‘nameofmydll.dll’.” I put both managed & unmanaged dll in the same folder. The message didn’t make any sense. I searched on internet, some people were saying the my MFC dll must be compiled for the right platform. I checked my target platform (under Configuration Properties\C/C++\Advanced\Compile For Architecture) and it was correct ARM4. It baffled me. Eventually, I tried to link to static MFC dll, and it works.

My theory was that MS didn’t include MFC dll (at least the version I need) with my Windows Mobile. Later, I found out from MS: “MFC8.0 (DLL) is not ensured to be on the device. ” Link to the article.

An managed/unmanaged code interop experience with Windows Mobile

Graphing Calculator

I wrote this Graphing Calculator for Win using MFC a long time ago. It is free for everyone. I hope you will find it useful.


– Smart math formula recognizer
– Large number of supported functions and constants
– Multiple functions per view (up to 5)
– Multi-view support
– Range & scale support
– Color for each function & axis
– Print support
– User’s guide.
Contact me.
Graphing Calculator