A thought on real time transport: TCP-RTM vs SCTP

As we all know, TCP is not  suitable for real time application. To solve this problem, TCP-RTM was invented. TCP-RTM is a simple extension to TCP to support real-time multimedia applications. The advantage is simple implementation, inter-operable with existing TCP implementation  and offers much better performance.
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Working for a telecom company, I could see an increasing SCTP adoption. SCTP offers significant better features such as reduce latency, improve throughput, better protection against DoS, TCP-friendly, multihome support (where one (or both) endpoints of a connection can consist of more than one IP address, enabling transparent fail-over between redundant network paths),  multistream support (transmit several independent streams of messages in parallel) and more… 
Better networking with SCTP
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I’m interested in comparing TCP-RTM with SCTP and I couldn’t find any article comparing the two. Nevertheless, I think choosing between those 2 options is depending on your needs. If you need all the fancy features of SCTP and can effort development cost, choose SCTP. If your need is simple, TCP-RTM is the way to go.

A thought on real time transport: TCP-RTM vs SCTP